Thank you for every encouraging word, every share, and every like. It means so much and I am so GRATEFUL!

Look and see what the Lord has done!

Carolyn Fitzgerald

What comes from the heart, touches the heart. These words were truly inspired by God and refreshing to my spirit. It reminds me to take time and see the beauty of God’s creation.”

Victor Jackson

Thank you for this encouraging blog!!! Your words out strength upon my bones, thank you!

JoeDon Calhoun

“Love your writing Sis. It speaks to my intrinsic love for the amazing intricacies found in all of nature. Everything in this earth was masterfully designed by the Master!”

Todd Frase

“After reading your blog I sent the Post Why Wildly Joyful to my wife. She then sent it to her friends. We were immediately drawn in, loving nature so much ourselves. We have started adding contacts to your blog from Puerto Rico and Australia. Thank you. Great job Tonya!”

Anonymous Reader

It only takes one person to be kind and encourage someone. Believe it or not that person will be encouraged to pass it forward. Who knows how many people will be uplifted in one day because one person smiled or spoke a kind word.”