Spiritual Warfare

Deeper Dimensions

I did not want to post about this topic, but I received confirmation numerous times this past week. It’s easy for scoffers and doubters to share their opinions. I tried to steer clear from this topic, but it was like I kept getting nudged to post this so here we go! December 31st 2019 Rob […]

Divine Disruption

I’d like to share a story of the last trip we took to Cliffside Campground in Southeastern Wisconsin. My family and I went camping (in a tent, we rough it, so we appreciate our comfy beds when we return home.) My two youngest brothers joined us. We had a long day of walks and playing […]

Passion for your “Elephant”

God wants to renew your passion for the “elephant” prayers in your life. (The things that are huge or that seem impossible.) I began working on this post last week. I had one particular “elephant” in mind. Little did I know this prophetic word from the Lord was about to unfold in a matter of […]