Spiritual Growth

Be Compassionate

I felt God impress me with the word compassion in prayer yesterday. What exactly is compassion? According to Google, it means to show pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Joan Halifax, a speaker at a ted talk, put it this way. Everyone has the seeds of compassion in them. To activate […]

Learning to Reflect

While I was praying I had a vision of an olive tree. It was beautiful. It had a thick healthy trunk, but it was different. There was a branch on the left and a branch on the right, but the middle was missing. What did this mean? I especially wanted to know because I was […]

Enabling and Equipping

We visited Milwaukee County Zoo last week. We entered the cat area where the gorgeous cheetah dwelled. She paced back and forth…Over and over. She had walked the same path so much that her paws had killed the grass and what was once soft green grass was now a smooth dusty thin pathway. We read […]

Let’s Go Morel Hunting

My family has roots in morel hunting. My uncle puts his treasures on homemade morel mushroom pizza. My Granny fries them in butter and they are the most delicious thing you’d ever eat. They are melt-in-your-mouth good! Since moving to Milwaukee I have been eager to find these delicacies in the forest. I have yet […]

Simply Honest

During this quarantine, my children and our neighbor’s daughter have become “fence pals.” They eagerly await their friend to come out and play. They look forward to each others faces, smiles, and little talks. They seem to play by that fence more often. It’s located in the very back of our yard. They look through […]