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  • Let’s Go Morel Hunting
    My family has roots in morel hunting. My uncle puts his treasures on homemade morel mushroom pizza. My Granny fries them in butter and […]
  • About Tonya
    My name is Tonya Marie Schuetz. I am in love with my Creator. He is my everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today […]
  • Rise and Shine!
    Isolation. Addiction. Abuse. Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Whatever it may look like for you, there is hope. In January of this year, my husband was […]
  • Simply Honest
    During this quarantine, my children and our neighbor’s daughter have become “fence pals.” They eagerly await their friend to come out and play. They […]
  • Victor Jackson: A Willing Vessel
    My heart is hurting for our nation today. Riots. Destruction. Hate. Crimes. The manipulation. The evil. God please help our world. Help our nation. […]
  • Divine Disruption
    I’d like to share a story of the last trip we took to Cliffside Campground in Southeastern Wisconsin. My family and I went camping […]
  • Beautifully YOU
    There are many types of flowers from roses to daisies, from lilies to daffodils, from the iris to the tulips. All have a distinct […]
  • Deeper Dimensions
    I did not want to post about this topic, but I received confirmation numerous times this past week. It’s easy for scoffers and doubters […]
  • Why Wildly Joyful?
    Why did I choose the name Wildly Joyful for my blog? Well I’ve been waiting for a “good” answer to this question.  I believe […]
  • Learning to Reflect
    While I was praying I had a vision of an olive tree. It was beautiful. It had a thick healthy trunk, but it was […]
  • Mom’s lesson
    Cindee Lee Sweeney, my Mother. She had a contagious laugh. She loved to have a “good laugh” (which meant laughing until your belly was […]
  • God Winks
    The past few weeks I have been wishing Micah had some easy-slip on sandals. Today as I got the kids ready to go outside […]
  • Colorado Road Trip (with kids and COVID restrictions)
    Our Colorado vacation was phenomenal and very achievable, even with all the new restrictions. You need to put in your time planning for a […]
  • Gladness
    It was morning. I opened my eyes, rolled over, looked at the clock on my nightstand, 5:15 am I was debating in my mind. […]
  • Passion for your “Elephant”
    God wants to renew your passion for the “elephant” prayers in your life. (The things that are huge or that seem impossible.) I began […]
  • Becoming a Butterfly
    I felt God spoke these words to me. I hope to bring you encouragement today. “YOU are a butterfly” these words boomed inside my […]
  • You Will Indeed Fly
    I’m continuing Part 2 of the butterfly’s journey from last week. I found something really cool. Did you know the monarch butterfly migrates north […]
  • Enabling and Equipping
    We visited Milwaukee County Zoo last week. We entered the cat area where the gorgeous cheetah dwelled. She paced back and forth…Over and over. […]
  • Be Compassionate
    I felt God impress me with the word compassion in prayer yesterday. What exactly is compassion? According to Google, it means to show pity […]
  • Mistakes are Not Final
    Mercy. I need it. You need it. The world needs it. Mercy means to extend help to the lowliest or the most undeserving. It […]
  • Genuineness is as Gold
    May 2019, I went on a Ladies Heartwork trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. On that trip God birthed a desire in […]
  • Called to Pray for America
    On October 30th I went to sleep after a long day. We were tired after packing up and loading the UHaul truck with our […]
  • Childlike Faith
    This weekend my brothers were over at our place. They arrived with excitement to see our new home and my kids were happy to […]
  • A Thankful Heart
    During my prayer time this morning, my 3-year-old son came to sit out in the room with me and my husband. When I heard […]
  • Fix Your Heart on the “I AM”
    I wrote a song in 2010 (during the hardest season of my life.) My mother was going through cancer. 🎶 “If our God is […]
  • A Supernatural Dream
    June 18th, 2013. Exactly 6 months after my sweet mother went to be with the Lord. I had a vivid dream I’ll never forget. […]
  • Make Time for Rest
    “Rest” this word kept coming up in my days recently. I was helping my toddler open up to a scribble-free page in his Winnie […]
  • The Green Lantern
    Green Lantern has a ring. His ring is known as the most powerful weapon in the universe. Depending on his willpower and imagination, the […]
  • Voice and Tone Can Make a Difference by Nona Freeman
    During the war years we knew of a mother who regularly received letters from her son serving his country. Being illiterate she could not […]
  • Open Your Umbrella
    Last week I had a vision. I was standing outside as I looked to my right, in the distance, afar off I saw a […]
  • Specially Selected
    My phone rang on the counter top. A sweet friend (my mother-in-law) asked if I needed anything from the grocery store. Off the top […]
  • A message from Mom
    On this Thursday afternoon, I was cleaning my kitchen. I was thinking about something the Lord put on my heart earlier this week. Something […]