Rise and Shine!

Isolation. Addiction. Abuse. Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Whatever it may look like for you, there is hope. In January of this year, my husband was preparing for bed. He felt impressed to go down by our furnace which is in the basement. He obeyed. He listened and waited. God’s still small voice said, “You will go […]

Beautifully YOU

There are many types of flowers from roses to daisies, from lilies to daffodils, from the iris to the tulips. All have a distinct characteristic. All are beautiful in their own unique way. Just like God made many kinds of flowers, He made many kinds of people too. Each person has the potential and opportunity […]


It was morning. I opened my eyes, rolled over, looked at the clock on my nightstand, 5:15 am I was debating in my mind. Get up now (before the kids) grab a cup of coffee and have some one-on-one time with Jesus OR “sleep in.” (just until 6:30 am. That’s when my kids come barreling […]

Becoming a Butterfly

I felt God spoke these words to me. I hope to bring you encouragement today. “YOU are a butterfly” these words boomed inside my chest in the middle of the night. Which made me study the caterpillar’s journey to become a butterfly. The caterpillar encloses himself into chrysalis, in that cocoon the entire  caterpillar is […]

You Will Indeed Fly

I’m continuing Part 2 of the butterfly’s journey from last week. I found something really cool. Did you know the monarch butterfly migrates north from Mexico? It can travel 3,000 miles in its short lifetime! How do they know where they are going? Their wings are special they detect the ultraviolet rays from sunlight which […]

Genuineness is as Gold

May 2019, I went on a Ladies Heartwork trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. On that trip God birthed a desire in me to start writing. 1 year later, I finally took the plunge and started this blog. Last week I went to another Heartwork trip in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. It […]