Deeper Dimensions

Photo by Rob Schuetz

I did not want to post about this topic, but I received confirmation numerous times this past week. It’s easy for scoffers and doubters to share their opinions. I tried to steer clear from this topic, but it was like I kept getting nudged to post this so here we go!

December 31st 2019 Rob and I were given the opportunity for a date night. (We were totally excited for it, Thanks Grandma!) We went to a coffee shop. We ordered coffee and sat closely beside each other on the leather couch. Within minutes this man stops and looks at me from outside of the coffee house.

I was talking to Rob; I did not notice he was staring directly at me. When I did make eye contact with him he nodded at me with a look of disgust. I couldn’t wrap my mind around why this man looked at me the way he did. It bothered me.

I told Rob about what just happened. I immediately felt fearful. I felt unsafe. I asked Rob, “Is this guy going to pull out a gun?”

I felt bad for wanting to leave just minutes after arriving.

This man wants to hurt me, I thought. Each time I hesitantly looked his way he made sure to make full-on eye contact with me. I could see him glaring at me through my peripheral vision. He never looked at Rob, when he would look over at the man he looked busy. His focus was on me for some reason.

He ordered a drink, I never saw him actually sip his drink. He was constantly moving around, throwing things away, or switching seats (he switched seats 3 times, each time getting closer to us.)

He ended up sitting directly behind me where I couldn’t see him unless I turned 180° (which made me even more nervous.)

He got up to throw something away. He looked at me with anger. I tried fixing my hair thinking maybe I looked silly some way.

I thought Rob was crazy for not seeing and feeling what I felt. Finally I told Rob we have to go! We passed him as he stirred his drink (again) at the counter. As I let Rob pass me I turned to him to try to give a decent smile in hopes this was all my imagination. He immediately turned at me with a full look of hatred and anger. Anxiously, I slipped out the door. I left fearful.

I wondered what in the world was that all about? I was almost in tears as we got into the car and drove home. (I didn’t leave my house for 2 weeks except to go to church, I was afraid)

The next day (January 1st) during prayer time, God gave me a vision, which was confirmed through Rob by a dream.

I believe the enemy knew what was about to happen and he didn’t like it.

Our Pastor called a church fast for the new year. I dreaded fasting, I knew in my heart I needed to fast all the more because of the way I felt. I was looking for encouragement on the topic.

I came across a message which was powerful. I wanted Rob to hear it because it was inspiring and revealed the importance of fasting.

During prayer time at the end of the message, Rob would hear God talk directly to his heart for the 1st time.

Just minutes before Rob would hear and obey, I experienced yet another resistance…

A shiny bright red truck which wasn’t dirty or salty (unusually clean, weird because it was the middle of winter) slowly pulled up to my house. The man in the truck took a picture of my house with his phone. When he put his phone down, revealing his face, he had the same look of anger and disgust as the man in the coffee shop 2 weeks prior.

He looked down my driveway at my van with a snarl on his face. He then drove up the street, turned around, and drove by one more time. I have never seen that truck before or since.

He only stopped for a moment. I just happened to look out the bay window in my living room and catch what had just happened. I thought it was weird. It made me very uncomfortable. I was fearful once again. Moments later Rob pulled in the driveway. Arriving home from work, I was glad he was here and I told him what just happened.

We sat down and began to watch a message on fasting, the one I mentioned earlier.

Again, I think the enemy knew what Rob was going to experience. He didn’t want it to happen. He was using fear as a weapon. After we watched the message we had a spirit of fasting come into our home, in us, on us. The 4 day fast was easy (usually fasting is oh so hard for me.)

It was like God carried us through it. Rob felt impressed to fast like Esther (3 days no food or water). He obeyed and God pulled him up closer to Him.

In the start of 2020 we were on the mountain of transformation. God took us to another level. A new dimension we didn’t know existed. And it was incredible to say the least.

I urge you to desire to go there. Rob was getting 2-3 hours of sleep each night for 2 weeks, yet he had more strength. He was recieving the gift of wisdom for tasks.

Things he had been stuck on at work he recieved fresh ideas that got the job done. He was praying with people on the airplane and in New York while he was on a work trip.

Rob was miraculously put into a situation where he was able to pray with a man. The man told him, “I’m terminally ill” so a prayer for healing was prayed over him.

Immediately after Rob prayed for this man, he got into the car and wept. He felt compassion and knew God did something special for him. He never saw him again.

Once we have our own experience like this it changes the way we “do” life. I believe the spirit is always talking, we just can’t hear Him if we are so distracted by all the other voices in our lives.

For me, I’ve tapped into the gifts of the spirit more regularly as well as having visions.

I could share more stories with you on this subject, but I’ll spare you the even longer post. I’m just excited to see God move and touch people’s hearts.

I heard it preached by someone experienced in spiritual warfare, that anytime you are about to go to a new dimension in God, the only thing the enemy can do is expose himself and try to put fear in you and distract you from what he knows is about to happen.

In Mark 5 the demoniac RAN to Jesus and asked why He was there.

My wise Pastor’s wife said “Evil spirits will often “act out” when they encounter someone filled with the Holy Ghost. They are familiar with God’s Spirit, because they used to reside in His presence. So, they are not shy about exposing themselves, and in fact almost can’t help but expose themselves when they bump into the “Spirit of Truth”. – Sarah Calhoun

Some lady friends of mine shared similar experiences with what they have encountered. They were grateful for my testimony by word of mouth. They were able to have a better understanding with what they were dealing with. The negative encounters give insight to what to pray against specifically.

A satanist who is saved now, stated the greatest weapon the enemy has is fear, but the 2 greatest weapons a Christian has is the NAME of Jesus and the BLOOD of Jesus.

I didn’t want to be in spiritual warfare, I just got pulled in. When you make a commitment to pray more or fast more or read the Bible more, the enemy will put up a fight, but they already know WE win. Be encouraged today! God has more for YOU!

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4

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