Simply Honest

During this quarantine, my children and our neighbor’s daughter have become “fence pals.” They eagerly await their friend to come out and play. They look forward to each others faces, smiles, and little talks. They seem to play by that fence more often. It’s located in the very back of our yard. They look through the metal wires as they tell jokes and laugh together. I’ve looked over across the back yard at times to see them just sitting up against the fence playing in the dirt. They are content just to be in one another’s presence. Not saying a word.

It reminded me of my pen pal days. I was in middle school, I wrote letters to what seemed like the air. I was asking questions and describing myself, such as hobbies I enjoyed, family life, and school days. I was trying to get to know this stranger of a peer on the other side of what I thought was the world, really it was more like the other side of the state.

Our friendship grew as we exchanged letters. One day my teacher walked around the room delivering the pen pal letters. She went around the entire room and I was left empty handed. I was so sad. I thought my new friend had forgot about me. I felt unloved and rejected. Silly really, but I was only a child.

Sometimes, God may feel unloved and rejected. When we are so busy going about our day we don’t even remember to stop and think about Him. The Bible says God is a jealous God. Our priorities show through our actions not our words. Time spent with Jesus always makes the day go better anyway.

The following month she wrote back to me that she had been sick. She had to stay home from school and was not able to write me a letter. She apologized sincerely.

After her honest explanation, it made me feel so much better. My heart softened. I feft bad for feeling negatively toward her. Our relationship was mended and it flourished.

God wants us to be honest with Him. We have good intentions. We mean to pray everyday. We mean to read our Bibles daily. We mean to pray with our kids before each meal. We want to always be thankful and never complaining.

Truth is…. We Mess Up!

When we fail, we feel like failures. God doesn’t want to talk to me, I lost my cool during lunch time again. We feel inadequate. We fall short, but…. Moms YOU are enough!


God just wants our honest talks. He wants our truthfulness. His grace and His mercy is readily available for us. When we simply apologize, but sincerely, it just melts God’s heart.


Because of the Lord’s faithful love we do not perish, for his mercies never end. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness! Lamentations 3:22-23

It’s like when I come into the kitchen and see my kids made a complete mess of things, the first thing I want to do is scream, but then they say, “Sorry Mom, we were just trying to pour a drink and get a snack, but it spilled all over.” I can’t help but soften my tone and tilt my head and say, “Oh, it’s ok, let me help.” Or when my boys track mud into the house. They say, “Oh Mom, I forgot to take my shoes off.” We can’t help but be sympathetic. It changes our heart and attitude immediately. We choose to offer grace instead of judgement. We offer mercy by holding holding back the consequences.

If we will only be open and honest with God it melts His heart. He’s our Daddy. We can grow deeper in our relationship with Him when we are honest… Simply honest. He offers grace and mercy to us every morning. He’s desires you!

Abraham Lincoln was first called “Honest Abe” while he was working as a young store clerk. The story goes, whenever he realized he had shortchanged a customer, even by only few pennies, he would close the shop and deliver the correct change, no matter how far he had to walk.

Here’s a prayer you can pray over your family today,

Thank you God for Your thoughts of goodness toward me. Your banner over me is love. You knew me before You made me, and You made me wonderfully! I stand before You like glass. Transparent. With nothing to hide. I’m shattered. You just desire me. Every single piece. You know where I mess up. You see where I struggle. Take control over that area. Guard my mouth and mind to say and think things that are good, lovely, and peaceful. Help me to be honest with You. Help me to realize I need Your grace daily and help me to accept it. I give You all of me. All of my mistakes. All of my weaknesses. Lord, You make me whole. You make complete. You love me for me. I want to Love You for You. Honestly, I need you, Jesus. Amen.

Did you get a chance to experience a pen pal as a child? How about a friend who you haven’t seen in years, but are still able to keep in touch with? What is a lesson you’ve learned from being honest?

I’d like to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

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