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Mistakes are Not Final

Mercy. I need it. You need it. The world needs it. Mercy means to extend help to the lowliest or the most undeserving. It gives compassion instead of punishment, even when justice demands it. His cup never runs out. His Word says He is rich in mercy. But God, who is rich in mercy, because […]

Be Compassionate

I felt God impress me with the word compassion in prayer yesterday. What exactly is compassion? According to Google, it means to show pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Joan Halifax, a speaker at a ted talk, put it this way. Everyone has the seeds of compassion in them. To activate […]

Enabling and Equipping

We visited Milwaukee County Zoo last week. We entered the cat area where the gorgeous cheetah dwelled. She paced back and forth…Over and over. She had walked the same path so much that her paws had killed the grass and what was once soft green grass was now a smooth dusty thin pathway. We read […]

You Will Indeed Fly

I’m continuing Part 2 of the butterfly’s journey from last week. I found something really cool. Did you know the monarch butterfly migrates north from Mexico? It can travel 3,000 miles in its short lifetime! How do they know where they are going? Their wings are special they detect the ultraviolet rays from sunlight which […]

Becoming a Butterfly

I felt God spoke these words to me. I hope to bring you encouragement today. “YOU are a butterfly” these words boomed inside my chest in the middle of the night. Which made me study the caterpillar’s journey to become a butterfly. The caterpillar encloses himself into chrysalis, in that cocoon the entire  caterpillar is […]

Passion for your “Elephant”

God wants to renew your passion for the “elephant” prayers in your life. (The things that are huge or that seem impossible.) I began working on this post last week. I had one particular “elephant” in mind. Little did I know this prophetic word from the Lord was about to unfold in a matter of […]


It was morning. I opened my eyes, rolled over, looked at the clock on my nightstand, 5:15 am I was debating in my mind. Get up now (before the kids) grab a cup of coffee and have some one-on-one time with Jesus OR “sleep in.” (just until 6:30 am. That’s when my kids come barreling […]

Colorado Road Trip (with kids and COVID restrictions)

Our Colorado vacation was phenomenal and very achievable, even with all the new restrictions. You need to put in your time planning for a successful visit. It’s more work, but you’ll be glad to did the extra planning. First of all, Colorado has an all-state mask mandate. Though most of the places we visited were […]

God Winks

The past few weeks I have been wishing Micah had some easy-slip on sandals. Today as I got the kids ready to go outside again I was reminded of how he could use some sandals. I was careful to not say my thoughts out loud in front of him or my other children because we […]

Mom’s lesson

Cindee Lee Sweeney, my Mother. She had a contagious laugh. She loved to have a “good laugh” (which meant laughing until your belly was sore and your eyelashes were wet with tears.) She loved to chuckle, even if it was at the expense of herself, or someone else. She would much rather have a good […]